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Getting to Know the Neighbors at Highpointe: Dec. 2017

John and Mary Repasky

John and Mary Repasky, two of Highpointe’s founding residents, first heard about their new home from a postcard they received promoting an information session about Concordia’s newest retirement living community. They decided to attend, and by the end of the session, they were ready to make an even bigger decision.

“John looked at me and said, ‘Let’s sign up!’” Mary said.

The couple, who both worked at the US Postal Service before retiring in 2003, committed to a one bedroom apartment that very same day. At the time, Highpointe was still under construction, but they agreed that it was exactly what they were looking for.

While they waited for Highpointe to be finished, they continued to live in their home in Gibsonia in an ‘in-law suite.’ The Repaskys have two sons: Michael, who they lived with in Gibsonia, and Joseph, who resides in Cranberry. They also have four grandchildren: Hannah, Katherine and twins Ava and Maria. 

“It was perfect because we could take care of our grandchildren, and it was nice to have them all right upstairs,” Mary said. “As they grew up, John and I realized that it was time to take the next step.”

That next step was fully realized this fall when the couple could finally move into their new apartment, which they love for many reasons.

“I feel like I’m living in a 5-star hotel,” Mary added. “The food is top-notch; I don’t think I have eaten like this ever before!”

She also praised all the employees at Highpointe, from maintenance to management.

“We are amazed by their commitment; they go above and beyond to make sure every resident’s needs are met,” she said. “They are willing to drop whatever they are doing and assist whenever needed.”

In their free time, John and Mary go for walks around the building and workout at the gym. John loves making 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzles and playing pool with his grandchildren in the billiards room. Mary volunteers at Aquinas Academy in Gibsonia. She helps kindergarten students during lunch time and gym class. She also volunteers to clean up every month at a local church.

Her advice to other seniors is simple: “Come and take a look at Highpointe for yourself, and you will be surprised at all the amenities and services offered at such a reasonable rate.”

John and Mary are grateful for everything they have in their new home – especially all of the new friends they have found in their neighbors.

“We are already a family here and it has only been a month!”

Paul and Marjorie Sober

Paul Sober and Marjorie Sober were one of the first couples to move in to Highpointe at Rebecca. After nearly 60 years in their home in Leechburg, they decided it was time for a change.

Initially, the couple thought a patio home would be ideal for them, but they weren’t sure how safe it would be. After a couple of years of searching for the perfect retirement community, their daughter mentioned Concordia. After that, they started attending all of Highpointe’s open houses.

“We were amazed by the amenities and services they offered,” Marjorie said. 

Married for 64 years, the Sobers have two children: James, who lives in Dana Point, California, and Jennifer, who resides in Allison Park. They also have five grandsons. Paul worked for Allegheny Ludlum Steel Corporation and retired in 1991.

During her free time, Marjorie does a lot of sewing. She has been making blankets for babies at children's hospitals for more than 10 years. Meanwhile, Paul enjoys being outside spending time with their dog, Rosie. The couple loves that the apartment is not only perfect for them but for Rosie too.

Marjorie can’t say enough about the employees at Highpointe.

“All of the staff members are just wonderful,” Marjorie said. “They make us feel like we are part of their family, and it feels special.”

The Sobers also highly recommend the food.

“The food is so good we haven’t missed a meal in the dining room,” they agreed.

All in all, the couple is very happy to call Highpointe their new home.

“We came in with an open mind,” Marjorie said. “And this is the best decision we’ve ever made.”

If you are thinking about joining the Repaskys and Sobers at Highpointe at Rebecca, we hope that you will consider joining us for a complimentary lunch and tour of the community. Those interested are encouraged to complete an application soon, before our current discounts expire. To schedule your visit, please call Admissions Counselor and Resident Care Coordinator Julie Spirnock at 724-444-1521 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.